Goldhofer THP/SL model Modular Trailer Loading Test in Factory

CHINA HEAVY LIFT Manufacture Goldhofer THP/SL model Modular Trailer can be Fully Compatible with the original Germany Goldhofer THP/SL, capacity 45 tons/axle line, 1,175 ± 300 mm height and 2,990 mm width, axle base 1,500 mm with S690 high tensile structure steel, robust and durable construction with high bending moment, high concentrated load bearing capacity.

Advantage of CHINA HEAVY LIFT Modular TrailersHydraulic Multi Axle

  • More than 9,000 axle lines are in use in over 50 countries, No.1 in China
  • Extremely robust and durable construction, extremely high load bearing capacity
  • Longitudinal and lateral combination module
  • Box-shaped center frame with integrated air and hydraulic oil tank
  • +/-300mm hydraulic lifting suspension compensation
  • High point load in the center tube and the closed outer fields
  • Front and rear bolt-clutch for longitudinal combinations
  • Pendant axle aggregate at swivel head mounted on the vehicle frame
  • Hydro-pneumatic gas pressure accumulator suspension
  • Hose rupture safety valve on all axle aggregates
  • The chassis has integrated, hydro-mechanical 2-circuit all wheel steering
  • Maximum steering + / – 55° in all ride heights
  • Steering in the middle 1 pair of integrated steering cylinder in the frame
  • 2-line all-wheel air brakes and spring-loaded parking brake
  • Complete 4-way piping for optimum combination of the modules
  • Valve, coupling parts and sealing parts are imported from Germany
  • Extensive Accessory options ensure multi functional usability

If you have any requirement or question of our Goldhofer THP/SL model Modular Trailer, please feel free to contact Mr. Yoko at, we will do our best effort to support at the first time. Thank you very much

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